Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is equal and proper distribution of car’s weight over the tyre.

We must check wheel alignment every 5000 kms or 6 months or when the alignment setting are changed.

a) When suspension work is done.
b) When suspension parts are worn out.
c) When the suspension gets a jolt, which is beyond its capacity to handle (every car will have different capacity to handle jolts and loads)

What will happen if alignment settings changes, and we do not check wheel alignment?
The weight of the car will not be correctly distributed on the tyres, which will result in uneven wear of the tyres.

Sometimes tyre wear happens or seem to happen even after checking wheel alignment, why?
a) Always remember wheel alignment settings can change any time, if the suspension is jolted beyond the capacity of the car to handle. If it happens, please check wheel alignment again. Otherwise improper tyre wear will happen. This is why free checkups are offered by alignment centres.
b) Always remember rubber once lost is lost for ever. Once irregular wear happen in a tyre, it will continue to be irregular worn through that tyre’s life.

For those of you who have a need for speed or want to make a style statement with your cars you can go in for Alloy wheels. Most cars in India too now are coming with Alloys and if you want to switch over to Alloys, what better destination than XL Tyrepoint. A tip to all those interested in Alloys. You can search the net for designs or view a whole lot of catalogues but for the best results, walk into a showroom. Pick Alloy wheels of your choice place it close to your car and get an idea of how it will look finally. XL Tyrepoint boasts of an Alloy wheel collection which is the biggest in Chennai. You can make your pick from brands like HIJOIN (HR), Plati, Yongle, Prestige, SM, Aura, League, Race, Flying Eagle, Accelere and Advanti.

There is a common misconception that Alloy wheels bring down the fuel efficiency of your car, this is a far from reality. An alloy wheel is a lot lighter than your ordinary steel rim. Since it is lighter it has the following advantages: -
1. The breaking efficiency is better.
2. It helps you save a lot of fuel.
3. It cools the tyres, the break pad and the drive shaft assembly more efficiently.
4. Increases your comfort.
5. It is less prone to disk bends and damages like the steel rims, which adds to your safety.
6. Being an alloy it is corrosion and erosion free, which extends the life of the product.
7. Not to forget gives you car those killer looks.

These alloys once selected by you just need a few hours to be collected from the ware house and fit onto your cars. Unlike most shops they don’t ask you to wait for days before the Alloy wheel of your choice arrives. A regular customer of XL Tyrepoint is Ace Indian racer Ashwin. He not only buys stuff from them, but drives them checks them out and gives them his feedback too. As a matter of fact all the products that they deal in are tried and tested by the experts there, in various conditions before they recommend it to their customers.

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